At AddVentures, we aim to accelerate technologies, innovation & companies with shared core values.

More Than Just a Capital Partner

AddVentures provides unrivaled access to a global network of SCG expertise and resources. We partner and invest in the best digital innovations in Industrial - Enterprise - B2B verticals.

Corporate Venture Arm of SCG

AddVentures is a subsidiary of SCG, Southeast Asia’s leading business conglomerate with emphasis on innovation and sustainability. We believe open innovation is part of our roadmap to success in the next centennial.

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  • Industrial
    Smart Agriculturing
    Robotics & automation
    Supply chain optimization
    Energy efficiency management
  • B2B
    B2B / B2C online commerce
    Logistics marketplace
    Supply chain financing
  • Enterprise
    Data analytics / AI & ML
    Construction efficiency
    Enterprise collaboration
    AR / VR